Guatemalan Nativity Scene for Christmas Eve

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Guatemalan Nativity Scene

Guatemalans begin putting up their Nacimientos (Nativity Scenes) around December 15; a tradition that was brought to Guatemala by Santo Hermano Pedro de Betancourt and then spread to the rest of America (the continent).

One important aspect of nacimientos is that baby Jesus is missing from the scene since his actual birthday is on December 25th; well until midnight of the 24th of December to be correct, we call it Noche Buena (Christmas Eve). The days prior to Christmas Eve are for the quest for shelter by Marí­a and José (Mary and Joseph); these celebrations are known in Guatemala as Posadas.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Era!

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  • Madelyn Bloom

    Hoping you and yours have a wonderful day together to celebrate the meaning of Christmas ~ faith, family and friends.

    • Thanks Madelyn for your warm wishes. The same to you and your family.

  • NYChapin

    Cool, baby Jesus has a disco ball !! Feliz Navidad.

    • Hahaha NYChapin, you always have such an eye for those little things the other people don’t look at. Feliz Navidad pues.

  • Eric

    Igualmente, Rudy ! And thanks for this foto … parecen como Santiaguitos, o al menos, Sololatecos, no ? Feliz Navidad a ti, y a la familia !

    • Hi Eric, to be honest, I don’t know where the dress is from, but surely is from somewhere in the highlands.