Guatemalan Christmas Breakfast

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Guatemalan Tamal and Ponche

Here’s a typical Guatemalan breakfast for Christmas, which is normally a quite day except for the fireworks and firecrackers which begin at 12am and continue through the night until dawn and for 10 minutes at 12pm again. Christmas in Guatemala is a family day, an occasion for strengthening the family bonds. Christmas is also a feast day full of deliciously rich food such as tamales, ponche (fruit punch), hot traditional chocolate drink, desserts, and grapes and apples, which are not common in the Guatemalan diet, except for the Christmas season and for New Years celebrations.

Feliz Navidad!

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  • Erick!

    Feliz Navidad to you as well! That tamal looks sooooo delicious, how I miss those around Xmas time. One thing about moving up north is that sometimes we leave all of our close relatives behind, so Xmas festivities are never the quite the same as when you’re surrounded by uncles, cousins, etc.

    • Well Erick, as far as I can remember, one can get Guatemalan tamales in Los Angeles, is that still true?

      • Erick!

        I’m sure you can, but I’m on the East Coast, so it’s a bit tougher around here. I’ve gone to restaurants that have Guatemalan cuisine, but their food is never like the real thing, sometimes far from it. But at least it does make me appreciate some good tamales and paches whenever I’m down in Guate.

        • Hellor Erick, for some reason I thought you live in LA. My mistake. Still I believe there plenty of places on the East Coast where one can buy Guatemalan tamales, right?