The Giant Guatemalan Tamal

Rudy Giron: Guatemalan tamales &emdash;

The gigantic tamal from oriente (Eastern Guatemala) is the equivalent of 4 to 6 typical tamales or about a dozen Mexican typical tamales. The plate that holds this tamal is 11 inches or 28 cms in diameter. The dough has been cooked only once as opposed to the typical Guatemalan tamales which are cooked twice. There is also over a pound of pork meat inside (tongue, ear, head, ribs, etc.).

Could you eat one these enourmous tamales all by yourself?

Un gigantesco tamal de oriente equivale a 4 o 6 tamales típicos guatemaltecos y cómo una docena del típico tamal mexicano. El plato dónde reposa el enorme tamal de oriente mide 28 cms / 11 pulgadas. La masa es de un sólo cocimiento. Adentro lleva más de una libra de carne (lengua, oreja, cabeza, costilla, etc.).

¿Podrías comerte uno de estos enormes tamales?

Rudy Giron: Guatemalan tamales &emdash;

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  • Tom de NY

    No hombre, en absoluto. Me gustan los tamales pero es que hay limites pues…

    • Jajaja Tom, los límites existen para ser superados. ¿Listo pa su tamal pues?
      El 3/01/2013, a las 05:00, Disqus escribió:
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  • Eric

    Oh, I think I could, with no problem whatsoever, ha-ha-ha! Because, you see, the only problem with tamales guatemaltecos is…there are never enough of them. Thanks for making me hungry, one hour after breakfast…AGAIN…Rudy. Saludos !

    • Hah, I like to see you take on the giant Guatemalan tamal. That’s something to see.

      El 3/01/2013, a las 10:32, Disqus escribió:
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  • Erick!

    I would definitely devour that beast in one sitting…or at the very least try. I had no idea some made them big, that’s genius!

    • These tamales are special, not your typical tamal for sure.

  • Erick!

    How much do these tamales go for?

    • Hi Erick, I don’t know if these tamales are put on sale. These giant tamales are made especially for family members only as far as I know.

  • wow! hubby and I would definitely share one… thanks for the pic!

    • Hi Michele, that’s the spirit and the idea behind such huge tamales; to share then with the love ones.

  • Clara

    I’d buy one and try it, too!

    • Hi Clara, I am not sure you can buy them, these are made especially for family members. 🙁