Laundry Day in San Juan del Obispo

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Laundry Day in San Juan del Obispo

This is what a typical laundry day looks like at any of the public washbasins and water tanks in and around Antigua Guatemala. What’s not so typical is to see a man doing laundry in one of the lavaderos (washbasins).

Este es un típico día en los lavaderos públicos en las aldeas de Antigua Guatemala. Lo extraño en este caso es ver a un hombre lavando en un lavadero público. Estoy seguro de que esto sucede, pero es la primera vez que lo veo.

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  • Stefan Jansson

    A bit different from Sweden.But here most men do their own laundry.

    • Wow Stefan, thanks for sharing this interesting information. I am sure single Guatemalan men might do their laundry, but they do it at home or take it to a laundromat if ever.

  • Tom de NY

    En nuestra casa hace mucho tiempo que yo me encargo de esto, pero con lavadora, pues. Pero la verdad es que ahorita lo envidio por el sol y calor que esta disfrutando alla en Guate…

    • Jajaja Tom, haz delatado el propósito oculto detrás de esta anti postal. 😉

  • washing clothes in a pila is hard work… I tried it out after seeing my mother in law and sisters in law doing it. My shoulders and arms ached so much… it’s strange because here in the States my grandmother always washed by hand, but in the sink-essentially the same way they do in Guate, and she was always saying that the clothes came out much cleaner by hand than in a machine. I ended up going to get my laundry done at the laundromat in Guate for the rest of my stay and informed hubby that we will be getting a machine for the family next time we are there! I gotta admit though, seeing that guy at the pila is definitely not the norm!

    • Hello Michele, I am very sure your grandma was correct about the cleanliness of the clothes done by hand versus the machine.

  • Clara

    That man was doing laundry ’cause his wife just had a baby! He’s a good husband. Just guessing 😉

    • Sure Clara, whatever you say… hahaha.