Unos van, otros vienen

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Strolling at Alameda del Calvario

The Alameda El Calvario is one of the few places in Antigua Guatemala where there is a designated pedestrian walkway and so it comes as no surprise to find people doing exercise, strolling or simply enjoying the tree-lined street. If you have visited Antigua Guatemala, I’m sure that if you walk, jog or ride a bicycle you have spend time here; am I correct?

© 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • I preferred the way you titled it elsewhere: “Some that are on their way out, some that are on their way in” or “some going, while others coming”

    • Yeah, but I could not find the correct words and rhythm for “Unos van, otros vienen” your translations are pretty good, but I still believe the Spanish phrase encloses so much more in a playful manner, don’t you agree?

      • Eric

        Ay, Rudy ! Couldn’t you leave the title en espanol ? It would encourage your readers who don’t speak the language to investigate…and that would promote attendance at the numerous Spanish language schools in La Antigua, no ? Everybody wins! Ja-ja-ja !

        • Rudy! Maestro!

          • Okay guys, I listened to your requests and now the entry is entitled: Unos van, otros vienen…

          • Eric

            Perfecto, Rudy ! Like my profesora always says, “Parecemos mas atrativos, cuando hablamos en espanol…” ja-ja-ja! Of course, now you will have peole waiting outside of the Revue office for Spanish lessons…;)

  • AL

    I’ve never seen this, and I lived in Antigua for 6 months. I am still in town 2-3 times per week.

    • It’s on Alameda El Calvario in the south end of Antigua Guatemala. Are you sure you haven’t been there yet?

  • El Canche

    Sometimes therer is no translation that keeps all that a phrase communicates and Spanish is has a musicality that cannot always be replicated: how about
    “comings and goings on the Alameda El Calvario”
    Is walking in Antigua still generally safe?…looks to be so.

  • Eric

    You are correct ! Y me sorprendio que estuve alli solo en esa bella manana. Pero, es posible que la belleza de la Alameda el Calvario es ‘tipico’ a los antiguenos … ;D