Guatemalan Catholic Women

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Guatemalan Catholic Women

You talkin’ to me?

No. Honest I am not talking to you…

I believe that Antigua Guatemala and the surrounding villages are among the top catholic communities in Guatemala, a country largely divided between all sort of protestant denominations, evangelicals we call them here, catholic and Mayan religions. So it comes as no surprise to bump into large catholic crowds often, such as a group of catholic women on their way to church.

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  • NYChapin

    Now, why did you go scaring the young ladies Rudy? If you did not speak to them, how do we know that they are catholic? is there a clue in the photo? me curious…

  • Luis

    NYChapin, the clue is the “madrileña” (veil) that the ladies are carrying. For centuries catholic women have wear a veil to mass. It seems like the tradition has gone out of fashion in Guatemala City but in La Antigua Guatemala and rural areas the tradition of the “madrileña” still continues.

    • Good contribution Luis, honest I did not know the name of the veil. Now I know. Thanks!

  • Luis

    Sorry, I should have said “catholic women have worn a veil to mass”.

  • NYChapin

    aha ! thanks Luis, good eye.