Mango Season 2013 Is Now Open

Rudy Giron: &emdash; The Mango Season 2013 Is Already Here

Last week I saw the first mangoes for sale around Antigua Guatemala. Some of mangoes, the Manila kinds, I was told were imported from Mexico since the Guatemalan harvest time is not here yet. However, the mangoes above I was told were injertos, grafts, so who knows. The one thing for certain is that we are already eating mangoes at home.

How about where you live, are mangoes available?

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  • El Canche

    Hi Rudy, here in the UK, I can get mangoes all year round….they are usually green, never ripen properly because they are picked too early and usually lacking in flavor intensity. Oh!……and the normal retail cost is US$2.40 or roughly Q19.00 each! Any takers?

    • Now that mangoes are just being introduce, they are expensive, Q8 la mano (that’s five mangoes for about a $1), but mangoes will be much cheaper later on. Too to hear you can not good ripen mangoes in the UK.

  • Clara

    Mangos, my favorite Summer fruit!

    • I guess we begin to have mangoes available in winter and have them available through September / October.

  • El Canche

    Q8 la mano! Now that looks like good news to me, as I could could eat them all day long, but the reality is how much that represents out of a persons disposable income? When I lived in Caracas, they fell out of the trees near the panaderia where I would get my lunch in the north of the city (Los Palos Grandes)….thery were the cheapest of all!