Black and white of the Izote tree or yucca guatemalensis

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Palo de Izote in Black and White

The izote tree, yucca guatemalensis, is the Mesoamerican cousin of the yucca tree or Joshua tree and one of my favorite plants to photograph. Simply take a photo tour through the archives for izote. Izote is can be found in almost all gardens and fences here and everywhere in Mexico and Central America and the south of the United States.

The izote tree often used in the hedgerows around Antigua Guatemala. Its white flowers are edible and they are considered a delicacy. The izote tree flower is also the national flower for the country of El Salvador.

© 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Willy

    Kudos on an excellent photograph! The B&W image captures the stark reality of the subject.

    • Thanks Willy for the kind words and support.

  • Clara

    Wow, real nice picture! I didn’t know Izote was the national flower of El Salvador. Blue Bonnet is the State flower of TX 🙂

    • That’s good to know, what’s the national flower for the U.S.?

      • Clara

        According to google, it’s the Rose :). Pero cada Estado tiene una flor especifica.

        • Roses are also “the official” flower of Antigua Guatemala; la ciudad de las perpetúas rosas.