Let Lent Begin in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: AntiguaDailyPhoto.com &emdash; Ash Wednesday in Antigua Guatemala

With the Ash Wednesday religious ceremony begins the 40-day period known in Spanish as Cuaresma, Lent, which ends with Semana Santa, Holy Week, by far the most affluent event in Antigua Guatemala. I read in Prensa Libre, Guatemala’s main newspaper, that one million and a half are expected to visit Antigua Guatemala during the Lent/Holy Week; that does not seem as much until you consider Antigua Guatemala has a population of about 30,000.

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  • Oakland Daily Photo

    Yikes, that’s a lot of people visiting. Hope you’ll show us images of this year’s Semana Santa.

  • Willy

    I was part of that 1.5 million person crowd just a couple of years ago. Visiting Antigua during Semana Santa was one of my ” bucket list” things to do. Wow, what a crowd! Glad I experienced the special week, but once was enough. If I lived there now, this would definitely be the one week out of the year that I’d go traveling. The peacefulness of Todos Santos comes to mind as an appealing alternative until the frenzy dies down and Antigua get back to normal.

  • Eric

    Does this mean that Nelo is preparing his climbing gear…?

    • I don’t know Eric, I haven’t seen Nelo since he climbed at the beginning of Lent. I believe he lives up there for 40 days and 40 nights.

      • Eric

        En este modo, es mas facil evitar tentacion, pues…ja-ja-ja!