The Newly Renovated Iglesia de San Felipe de Jesús

Rudy Giron: &emdash; The Newly Renovated Iglesia de San Felipe de Jesús

It was almost a decade since this parish was last painted, the only gothic church in and around Antigua Guatemala. I will try to make new photos with the sunset light to get the rich warm colors to pop out and with better perspective. Stay tune!

Hacía casi diez años desde la última vez que habían pintado la fachada de esta iglesia, la única gótica al rededor de La Antigua Guatemala. Intentaré hacer unas nuevas fotos por la tarde para tener el sol del atardecer iluminando esta preciosa iglesia.

© 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Willy

    A photo like this reminds me of the words of Robert Frost.
    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

    • That’s a grat quote Willy, thanks for sharing it.

  • Ellen

    Beautiful – didn’t know there were any Gothic churches at all!

    • I believe this the only one around Antigua Guatemala, but not the only one in Guatemala.