Lent Sunday Processions: 1st Santa Catarina Bobadilla

Lent Sunday Processions: 1st Santa Catarina Bobadilla by Nelo Mijangos

Beginning with the first Sunday after Ash Wednesday, there are processions each Sunday of Lent and the first procession comes out the village of Santa Catarina Bobadilla. As always, I hand over the keys of AntiguaDailyPhoto so he can show some his best work as I know nobody more passionate about Lent and the Holy Week as Nelo Mijangos. For this first procession, Nelo walked 28.4 kilometres; that’s 17.65 miles for those who can’t gauge how long is a kilometer. Nelo told me that he took 865 photographs along those 28.4 kms. That’s a lot of photos just for one day.

Make sure you click on the images to look at a larger version to really appreciate all the details.

Each day this week, Nelo will share his most emblematic image of the procession and shared a map and distance walked by him following the processional entourage. By the way, yesterday was the 5th Sunday of Lent, so we have enough for each day this week. Stay tuned for the entire series.

images by Nelo Mijangos

Lent Sunday Processions: 28.4kms of the 1st Santa Catarina Bobadilla by Nelo Mijangos

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  • Oakland Daily Photo

    Fantastic light captured in this photo.

  • NYChapin

    Wow ! I don’t have any words, Wow !