Meet Suerte y Fortuna

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Suerte y fortuna

Luck is nothing more than opportunity meeting preparation. So, I have to be ready when opportunity comes along.

Can anyone tell why Suerte (luck) and Fortuna (fortune) are represented by these gorgeous ceramic owls? The first valid reply wins this photo as a post card mailed to your home or office!

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  • Barry Farber


    We (my wife and I) live in Arizona, but we look at AntiguaDailyPhoto every day. It is a beautiful site. Keep up the good work. We will be in Antigua from the 15th of April until the 19th and would very much like to stop by your office and meet you. Is that possible?

    I believe this answers your question concerning owls in Guatemalan folklore.

    The Mayans use owls to represent the power to rule others
    for a king who once presided over the region now called Guatemala.


    The person born on a day Ajmaq was conceived a day Q’anil and his/her future is
    ruled by a day K’at. He/she is the follower of the first ancestors, but if the
    person born on that day is not aware of its energy and does not follow what is
    asked to follow on that day, he/she can be prejudiced by his/her evil aspects
    and sins. The person bor non that day Ajmaq, is meant to become an Ajq’ij
    (spiritual guide). This person goes slowly through life and reaches his/her
    goals. It possesses this duality of the curiosity and prudence, cautiousness.
    Its biggest challenge is accepting the lacks and mistakes of others.

    The Health of this person is led by self destructive processes, by his/her
    irresponsibility and his/her easily irritable and tending to confrontations

    Positive Characteristics

    Great student, intelligent, courageous and brave, good memory, respectful,
    endowed with great patience, visionary, analytical, persistent, lucky in love.
    Defender of the people.

    Negative Characteristics

    Easily led to making mistakes, vicious, liar, unfaithful, angry and led to
    generate problems in the shelter; jealous, irresponsible, strong character.
    Tendency to blame other people for their mistakes.