The Typical Tienda Vista

Rudy Giron: &emdash; The Typical Tienda Vista

As I’ve explained before, a tienda is the Spanish word we use in Guatemala to refer for convenience store. The original definition of Tienda is tent as I imagine the original stores were actually tents. Tienditas, are smaller tiendas, or little convenience stores, which sometimes get to be as small as a window, must of the time is just a tiny room with just a door counter. The best thing about tienditas is that they are everywhere, almost every block has at least one, but often you can find more than two. Obviously, the most often bought products at a tiendita are junk food, soda drinks, chewing gum, canned juices and cigarettes, but you can also find chocobananos and helados (ice creams).

Check out GuatemalaDailyPhoto entry by Eli Orozco where he shows us three tiendas at the summit of Volcán Tacaná; that’s volcano on the Guatemalan-Mexican border.

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  • looks like my sister in law Leti’s tiendita… When I am in Guate I usually hang around outside her store (or in the room with her) and watch people coming home stop at the store to get what is needed for the evening meal. It makes for some great people watching as her store is at the beginning of la colonia so everyone has to walk by 😉

  • Karmen

    My grandmother had a little tienda when I was little. She was originally from El Salvador and called it “pulpería” which is pretty much the same. My favorite thing to get there: Los “cuquitos” (frozen juice packed in a small plastic bag).