Colorful Guatemalan Town Fair Booth

Rudy Giron: Instagrams &emdash; Colorful Guatemalan Townfair Booth

This image of a stand of the typical Guatemalan sweets was captured in the little market on the main square of San Felipe de Jesús; one the best places to have Guatemalan typical food and not be overcharge as in my restaurants in downtown Antigua Guatemala. San Felipe de Jesús is also a good place to visit if you want to experience a Guatemalan town fair and there’s none happening nearby; here the square is always filled with fair stands, especially so Thursdays through Sundays. San Felipe de Jesús also has the only gothic church around Antigua Guatemala and, of course, Finca Filadelfia resort and tours; one of the best places to experience coffee tours, nature walks, mule and horseback rides or zip through the canopy of the hills of the coffee plantation; et cetera.

Have you tried any of the Guatemalan sweets on display here?

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  • Paola Casucci

    I have tried many of these candies. Mmmm yum! My favorite are the mazapan and the coiled panitos. I love Guatemala!

    • Yeah Paola, those coiled panitos are awesome.

  • Wow Eric, that list just keep getting longer and longer… you will have to take six-month vacation just to catch up! 😉

    • Eric

      I know ! I know ! What am I going to do ? I need to write a best-selling book, or win the lottery, just to have the time and money to do everything on the list ! ja-ja-ja-ja!