Real Guatemala: Los novios

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Los novios

Even though you can not fully see the girlfriend, believe me she’s there, she just pulled her upper body to be in the picture.

Anyhow, I will let you to the caption for this. The best one will receive a post card made from one of my photo via the postal service.

Let the creative game begin!

© 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • El Canche

    “Come on out, mi amor!….I know you’re not as good looking as I obviously am, but smile for the nice man Rudy!” Very effective in black and white, Rudy. I’m enjoying your real-life series.

    • Thanks for the contribution Canche, but I will take points of away because these people do not know my name or me for the matter. These are real people I happened to encounter on the streets.

  • Willy

    Hey Rudy, wanna race? I’ll even give you a head start, pops!

    • Okay Willy, as explained to El Canche, these people do not know me. Thanks for the caption contribution nevertheless. I sure the young man on the bike would beat me without even trying. 🙁

  • NYChapin

    Si, si, I love you too mi amor. Just give me a second, I’m posing for Antigua Daily Photo. Is this good Rudy ?

    • Hahaha NYChapin, you can not include my name or AntiguaDailyPhoto since these people don’t know either. This photo and your caption, however, displays the two kinds of people that there are in the world: Exhibitionists and inhibited people.

  • Luis


    I think it would’ve been more proper to use “girlfriend” instead of “bride”. Bride is more a lady getting married.

    In Guatemala we use the same word, “novia” for girlfriend and bride.

    My caption:
    The lady is saying:
    “Oh my God, mi novio is taking us a picture”

    • When you’re right Luis, you are right. I made the switch for girlfriend. BTW, I believe your caption to be the best, so you will find a post card on the mail. Okay, look for it and let us know when you receive it!

      • Luis

        Thank you very much. The only bad thing is that the postcard and I might cross paths. Me on my way to La Antigua Guatemala and the postcard on its way to California. Because my upcoming trip to LAG I’ve been so busy at work that I have not seen Antigua Daily Photo until tonight, otherwise I would have asked you to hold the postcard for me to pick it up in person after April 25, the beginning of my three week vacation in LAG.

  • MO

    No te miento mi amor, en serio…Saturnino era mi tio. Si no me crees preguntale a Rudy.

    • Welcome back MO, we missed you so much!

  • Erick!

    “Mira, estos son los guantes que usaba ‘Maikol Yakson’…”

  • Antonio

    “Te prometo que no te estoy quemando el rancho, ella era mi prima, tu eres especial.” “Y ested? (Rudy) tomandonos una foto?”

    • Jajaja, muy bueno el pie de foto. Saludos Antonio.

  • “Mi amor…crees que tus padres me dejan entrar la casa a pedirte la mano? Si no, entonces te voy a robar!” (this just happened with hubby’s niece, who just turned 16-he lives in the pueblo, she lived in the city… and a somewhat long distance relationship of a yr was too much for them-the week of Semana Santa off she went into the night on the back of his moto. The next morning the grandparents and his mom (his dad lives in the US, and was on speakerphone long distance lol) showed up at my sister in laws house “para arreglar los asuntos y poner la fecha de la boda” eee!) Needless to say, the church wedding is set for January when his dad comes back-and la boda civil before then.)