Real Guatemala: Los mandados

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Grandmother doing errands

Each morning the streets are filled with people of all ages going or coming from doing errands, as simple as buying fresh tortillas or pan (bread), or taking kids to school, or whatever. Here we can see a grandmother on her way to get tortillas. Inside the tienda we can see people buying all kinds of groceries for breakfast.

Do you want more entries and images of the Real Guatemala or should we move in a different direction now?

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  • Luis

    I cannot believe it that you want to end the series without showing us “los lustradores”, specially the kids lustradores. I know you have other posts with the shoe shiners but since this series is Real Guatemala, you have to include them. I would be happier if you also include los lavacarros.

    I hope I am not asking too much.

    • Oh yeah Luis, those would make good subjects. Let me see if I can capture them for you.

  • El Canche

    When we talk about “real” society, we usually end up looking at those who represent the bulk of the local population, which is interesting and familiar. I always felt that LAG has a different demographic and the “vistazos” into the lives of regular folks could also include the local doctor, lawyer or real estate agent; the odd Gringo who went there to run a bar, the occasional German chef or English housewife who works for one of the numerous NGO’s, etc? I think this series has really started something, Rudy and you’re the one we trust to get it right!

    • Actually Canche, the series is entitled Real Guatemala by which I am trying to convey a sense of the raw and real Guatemala outside of Antigua Guatemala, which at times feels like Disney or some sort of unreal Guatemala. Perhaps, it was not obvious that none of the photos were taken in the city of Antigua Guatemala.

  • Willy

    Please Rudy, more “Real Guatemala.”

    • Okay Willy, I will extend this series a little longer then.

  • El Canche

    Yes, I understand better now; like I said, we trust you to get it right!