Real Guatemala: El campesino

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The land belongs to those that work it with their own hands. —Emiliano Zapata
La tierra es de quien la trabaja con sus manos. —Emiliano Zapata

One more addition to the Real Guatemala series. The campesino, the fieldworker, is an ever-stamp in the daily life of Guatemala we see then going to work the fields each morning. Sometimes they work somebody else’s finca, plantation, sometimes they work their own plot of land or as it happens on the skirts of the volcanoes, sometimes they work a plot of public land. Of course, in Guatemala, neither the wealthy landlords nor the government would agree with Emiliano Zapata.

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  • El Canche

    Hey Rudy!…here’s an out-of-town “real guatemala” story (well; pretty plastic really!) My daughter (half Guatemalan) was in Starbucks in Hanover Square, London UK yesterday and they were celebrating with coffee ONLY from Antigua that day. She got a $1 discount on her coffee for being Guatemalan! See the pictures. Viva La Antigua Guatemala y su fama por todo el mundo!

  • El Canche

    Here’s the other London Starbucks photo tribute to Antigua…

    • NYChapin

      this is awesome canche !

  • to me this lone rider looks more like a colono (a salaried worker) than a campesino (a self-employed farmer). Real Guatemala -> Royal Guatemala -> Feudal Guatemala

  • Stefan Jansson

    Like stepping back in time!

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