Bright and rich colours

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Bright and rich colours

I don’t know what prompts people in Guatemala to paint their houses with rich and bright colours, but all I can say is that I like it a lot. I prefer the colourful façades so much better than the ugly naked color of the concrete block-constructions as shown before on the posts Little gray boxes on the hillside, Little gray boxes made of ticky-tacky and elsewhere, but can not find now.

Why do think Guatemalan paint their houses with bright, rich, saturated colors?

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  • NYChapin

    great question ! I often wondered myself. Maybe you can shed some light on the subject. I would love to read more about any psychological or social effects as well as any specific European or Maya influence. Recently I have been intrigued by the use of “blue” tinted or polarized glass used in many houses in the Lake Atitlan region. There are some reports on the influence “remesas” or remittances from the US have in the architectural landscape of many small towns, but I have not seen any on the “blue glass”