Have mule and fumigator, will travel

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I am afraid the paraphrasing of the title might scape most people since it is a nerd thing that only the most geeky from the olden days would understand. Anyhow, here’s a worker for hire with a mule and fumigator that can travel to you parcel and get rid of those pesky pests. I wonder if charges by the day or by the land covered by his fumigation; what do you think?

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  • El Canche

    I thought the title was great! I believe that makes me an old geek! My guess is that the fumigator estimates the whole job and charges according to size, density of crop and any other practical difficulties that might be involved…para Vd un precio MUY especial!

    • Oh Canche, this was a very obscure reference, I didn’t think any readers of AntiguaDailyPhoto would know about it. Great to be proven wrong.

      • El Canche

        Interesting that the original was in the late 50’s with Richard Boone as Paladin (see picture)….and more interesting that a film called “Looking for Palladin” (no relation!) was filmed in part, on location in La Antigua Guatemala in 2008…isn’t trivia great?!

  • Eric

    I like to say, “If you make tortillas, I will travel.” Ha-ha-ha! And, of course, I do…

    • Oh Eric, you and the tortilla ladies, what are we going to to about it?