Door or Window

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Door or Window

What do you think this is, a window or a door? In Guatemalan Spanish with call these wood logs “lepa” (lehpah me thinks), what’s the English word for it?

In the olden days, people used to use lepa to build homes and cabins; some still do, but it is not as frequent as before.

Now, I wonder why in Guatemala wooden houses as found in the Western states of the United States are not popular. Most people prefer concrete blocks, bricks or even adobe as building materials. Can anybody throw some light on these questions?

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  • Tom de NY

    A building contractor that I once traveled in Guatemala told me that we use more wood up north because it handles the temperature changes better. Water freezing, melting and freezing again cracks concrete over time.

  • norm

    We call the above wood “slab wood” , in the US, it is the cut-off edge from when they are cutting out squared up lumber. The straight even logs yield a good quality siding that would normally be wastage.

    Timber is used more for building in the highlands because of the quality of wood grown there and how fast it grows.

    I suspect the reason we find fewer Mayan stone ruins in the highlands is that the Precolonial people there built more with wood as well.