Guatemala’s Most Popular Nuts

Rudy Giron: &emdash;

Let’s see what we have here: salted baked peanuts (manías), fried lima or broad beans without skins (habas), caramelised peanuts (manías garapiñadas), cashew nuts (semillas de marañón), fried broad beans with skins, and baked lima beans with skins.

Now, which ones are nuts (nueces) and which ones are not nuts?

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  • Stefan Jansson

    It’s probably a trick question. Are the nuts beans and the beans nuts perhaps?

  • El Canche

    Let’s have a go at this…perhaps only the peanuts mentioned are nuts; are the beans vegetables and the cashew nut actually a seed that grows out of the end of a fruit?

  • Jerry T

    Sure wish I had some cashews> I like to buy them from the street vendors and like the ones that are well roasted.

  • Eric

    I don’t care…one of each, please !!! 🙂

  • Jerry T

    I think none of them are actually nuts. The beans and the peanuts are legumes and the cashews might be a nut, but I think they are part of the stem aren’t they?

  • Luis


    Today is my first day back to work after enjoying three weeks in La Antigua Guatemala (I still had lunch at LAG yesterday). I got sick eating too many fried broad beans with skins. In Guatemalan slang they are called “cucarachas”.