Sunbathing at Antigua’s Parque Central

Rudy Giron: Instagrams &emdash; Sunbathing during the Rainy Season in Antigua Guatemala

As we can see, sunbathing is among the favorite things to do by visitors to Antigua Guatemala. Why do think that is?

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  • El Canche

    It’s really just white people thinking life could be better if you’re more tanned; while many “tanned” people probably believe their lives could be better if they were white. It’s nice to soak up the rays, but I wonder what local people feel about their dignified park, with its old-world elegance being used like a beach by visitors?

  • I’ve spent many on hour on that same bench, reading and laying in the sun like a lizard. For me, it’s extremely important to have those sandal tan lines.
    When I return home and the magic warm fuzzy feeling of
    vacation in Antigua starts to fade, I just look at those tan lines and it brings me a little joy.
    The tan lines seem to last a little longer than the magic!
    It’s true that most women in Guatemala wouldn’t show that much skin. But doesn’t that just make it easier to profile the tourist?

  • Eric

    I don’t know, Rudy…if I spend more than 5 seconds on that bench, I have an army of Kaqchikel ladies asking me if I want to buy a necklace for my girlfriend, ja-ja-ja. Normally, I reserve my time on the benches for shoeshines, and save the sunbathing for the beach… 🙂