Guatemalan Ceramic Garden Heaters

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Chimenea de barro

This type ceramic heaters are used often in garden and patios to warm up the get togethers during chilly nights. It’s sort of a portable fireplace and in Guatemala we normally call them braseros or chimeneas. What are these things called in English?

By the way, would you like to have one for your patio or garden?

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  • Willy

    We have a Mexican chimenea on our deck that we’ve enjoyed using for years. It’s not nearly as interesting and playful as this one from Guatemala. As far as I know, we, too, call them chimeneas since there isn’t an English equivalent.

  • Eric

    Up here, in the corner pocket, I’ve seen similar items listed as ‘chimeneas’…and I’ve heard the people buying them pronounce the name ‘chemma-nees’, ja-ja-ja! When I have a house in San Pedro las Huertas, I’ll have to get one or two of these !

  • Karen

    We use the word combines as well

    • Thanks Karen, for adding a new name to the list.