Green Houses Around Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash;

There are many green house around Antigua Guatemala, but by far, Vivero Escalonia is the most popular and largest nursery. There’s even a restaurant inside La Escalonia, a great place to have a herbal tea or rich cup of coffee. This picture is only a fragment of the huge areas where one can buy all kinds of plants and flowers.

If you drive a little, the town of San Miguel Dueñas has more plant nurseries than any other municipality near Antigua Guatemala. Soon, I will share with you what I learned this week about growing roses. Stay tuned!

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  • Luis

    On my recent trip to La Antigua Guatemala (last month) I went to La Escalonia trying to find Colas de Quetzal. It seems that this is not the season for these ferns. I was told though that La Escalonia gets them from San Miguel Dueñas. This small town near Ciudad Vieja seems to have greenhouses (viveros) every block. Sure enough I found plenty of Colas de Quetzal which now are hanging at my house on the Calle Sucia (9a. calle poniente). Side note: I also ran from LAG to San Miguel Dueñas (about 22 kilometers if somebody is interested in doing it).

    • That’s a nice run Luis, did you take the short cut through Panorama to Carretera 14 and then to Dueñas?

      El 28/05/2013, a las 10:42, “Disqus” escribió:

      • Luis

        Going to San Miguel Dueñas I went by San Pedro Las Huertas and Ciudad Vieja, going back I took Highway 14 going by San Lorenzo El Cubo (Colegio Boston) and then Panorama to the street to El Calvario to reach 5a. Avenida by Escalonia. Nice run. The hills get you very tired.