McCafé Decorations

Rudy Giron: &emdash; McCafé Decorations

I don’t know if McCafés exist in other parts of the world or if they are a Guatemalan invention. Please, illuminate me. Anyhow, McCafés sometimes exist within the typical McDonald’s restaurants or by themselves in malls. This one in particular, has Guatemalan coffee decorations everywhere from the typical textiles, petates to the coffee 100-pound bags burlap vest worn by the baristas.

Did you know that Finca El Injerto was abled to sell a rare and unique mocca coffee for $500.50 per pound?

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  • Willy

    In the States, McD’s coffee is pretty bad. Have they made an attempt in Gutemala, home to some of the best coffees in the world, to serve a higher quality coffee and perhaps one that is grown locally? Because of my experiences here in the north, McDonald’s would be the last place I’d look for coffee in Antigua unless they, too, offered the good java similar to what one can find in local coffee shops. As great as the decor might be, I still go for the coffee.

    • Yes Willy, McCafé’s coffee is pretty decent, even good by some standards.
      El 9/06/2013, a las 11:13, Disqus escribió:

  • Stacey

    I have seen McCafe here in the US, though it is not very common. I was recently in Turkey and saw one in Istanbul. I don’t think McDonalds has done a good job of promoting their coffee shops as Starbucks still dominates the market (and sells a nice Antigua Guatemala roast).

    • McCafés in Guatemala, on the other hand, are very popular and even more so than Starbucks. Yet, I believe Guatemalans still prefer our own chain of coffee houses known as Barista.
      El 10/06/2013, a las 11:35, “Disqus” escribió: