Can you guess what’s everyone watching?

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Can you guess what's everyone watching?

Parque Central is not only a place to meet with friends or to watch people or having one shoes shone; the Plaza Mayor, main square, is often a place to be entertained with all kinds of shows from live performances of Peruvian music, marimba, orchestra recitals, mimes, et cetera. Can you guess what was the show in this particular case?

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  • laurie

    Are they watching Nemo?

  • laurie

    Sorry, I forgot – that’s my son’s nickname for him (I don’t know why) – I think he really goes by Tamagochy.

  • laurie

    Thanks both for his full name (so that now I understand my son’s insistence that his name is Nemo…at least he was close!) and the FB link….which will further encourage my Spanish lessons this summer!
    My son and I both enjoy your photos very much and can’t wait to visit your lovely city again…and we will certainly make sure we get to watch Mimo hen we are there!

    • Hi Laurie, it’s actually MIMO which means MIME.

  • Eric

    I found this entry a bit late, but Memo was going to be my first guess. I will console myself for not guessing in time with an EXTRA chocolate bar from Fernando’s Kaffee…maybe 2 or 3; they never seem to make it home on the plane, ha-ha-ha!

    • Hi Eric, it’s MIMO which means MIME anyway. The chocolate consolation sound pretty good right about now.

      • Eric

        With apologies to Mimo ! Spellcheck is an evil thing… 🙂

  • laurie

    Thanks for the clarification – I should have figured that one out for myself!