Guatemalan Tamalitos de Frijol

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Tamalitos de frijol

These are tamalitos de frijol, which basically are small tamales, thus tamalITOS, with black beans mixed in before cooking and wrapped with maize plant fresh leaves.

Who can tell the difference between chuchitos, tamalitos, tamales and paches? Best answer will win a photo post card sent via snail mail to you home or office.

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  • I’ve only heard of tamales and only tried the Filipino version, which is probably very different from the original Mexican by now.

  • Willy

    All four are types of tamales found in Guatemala. As we know, a tamale is usually made with a cooked masa (maize dough), tomato sauce, and a piece of meat then wrapped in husks or banana leaves. A tamalito as you state in this pisting is a “small” tamale. Paches are a special kind of tamale made with potato dough instead of maize. Finally, chuchitos (in translation puppies or little dogs), are another type of tamale which may be wrapped in a dried maize husk, with a tomato-based sauce and a tiny piece of pork or chicken. Chipilín may slso be added for additional flavor.