Bird’s Eye View of Nim Pot

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Bird's Eye View of Nim Pot

Nim Pot is another business that has turned into a landmark of Antigua Guatemala. I believe I have shown some handicrafts from here before, but this is the first time I get to capture a bird’s eye view of this folk art market.

Do you know where is Nim Pot located?

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  • GC

    NimPot is located at 5a Ave. Norte #29

  • Angelika

    I discovered this place after getting an amazing Mayan massage just past under the arch..I was so surprised at the more inexpensive prices!

    I left Antigua just over a week ago now, I miss it and am excited to go back one day..was and will continue to be in love with your website 😉

  • Eric

    I visit Nim Pot every time I’m in La Antigua. It is an impressive display, even if you don’t buy anything (which is difficult; they have extraordinary things!). How did you get this shot, Rudy ? Did Nelo climb up the doorway at the entrance…? Ja-ja-ja!

  • El Güito

    Great place! Didn’t they have a fire in the roof, some years ago? And also, some say it used to be one of the only car dealerships in La Antigua, in the 60s maybe?

  • NYChapin

    Love the variety and great prices, specially the huge pile of used Huipiles. I bought here the one currently hanging in my living room for 50 Quetzales ( about 6 bucks). I get a kick of seeing gringos sort thought the pile in a similar way that locals go through a Paca from the US. ( see the Paca Nation posting)

  • michele woodye

    I am not sure if its the same place that has the little cafe and the shrine to Maximon in the courtyard at the back……………?

  • Tom de NY

    I rarely make it inside, as the bookstore by the entrance usually steals me away for a while…