Bike Riding Through the Back Roads of Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Bike Riding Through the Back Roads

Besides walking, I believe riding a bicycle is the best way to get to know more of Antigua Guatemala. Fortunately, there are several bicycle rental services, so you don’t have to bring your own bike.

By the way, this could be the fourth alameda, tree-lined street, in Antigua Guatemala. Do you know where is possible new alameda is located?

p.s. On August 15 Guatemala City celebrate’s its patron saint day. For this reason, tomorrow will be a holiday for Guatemala City. Stay tuned for the coverage that Elí Orozco will bring to; I’m sure it will be something interesting, Elí’s style.

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  • Federico Rosales-Arzú

    Belencito se llama esa área al final de la 5a. avenida sur de la Antigua Guatemala….

    • Cabal Federico, se nota que conoce muy bien La Antigua Guatemala.

      El 14/08/2013, a las 22:30, Disqus escribió:

  • El Canche

    Beautiful picture with amazing shadows and light. You did another shot of 5ta Avenida a little while back, which was also stunning, and I thought it might be from that vicinity. Federico seems confident about where it is, so I guess he’s right. Interesting that in the rainy season, some of the earth washes into the edges of some roads….from your picture, it would seem this actually helps cyclists to get a smoother run!

    • Hi Canche, I believe the best photos have a nice dance of shadows and light which make more dramatic images. Thanks for the awesome feedback.

      El 15/08/2013, a las 05:22, Disqus escribió: