Guatemalan Flag Street Vendor

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Guatemalan Flag Street Vendor

During the first two weeks of September, you can find street vendors just like this one selling all kinds of Guatemalan flags. Guatemalans have many ways to display their patriotism, flags is one of them. The problem with the Guatemalan flag is that they come in all different shades of blue. There is even an article in the Guatemalan Constitution that describes exactly what a flag should look like, but this information does not trickle down to flag makers and retailers.

So, what shade of blue is the Guatemalan flag, come on, are you going to tell us?

© 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    I could tell you, but I would have to search the archives, and I am a bit too lazy, ha-ha-ha. I will let someone else tell you. But I have a question, Rudy: Can you find Guatemalan flags made in Guatemala? I have not seen a USA flag made in the USA for at least a decade…they all say “Made in China”. 🙁

    • I am not sure Eric, isn’t everything made in China pues? I am sure there are some flags made in Guatemala, but I wouldn’t know since I have never bought one.

      El 8/09/2013, a las 12:10, “Disqus” escribió:

      • Eric

        Pues, entonces, I will have to find a sympathetic guatemalteca to make one for me. It makes for a good excuse to talk with las bellas guatemaltecas, pues…. 😉

  • NYChapin

    C’mon Rudy that’s too easy.. I learned that in parvulitos ( the shade of blue, not the constitution).
    Like many other things in Guate, it;s confusing. It’s suppose to be “azul cielo” or sky blue, but the two blocks on the flag represent the two oceans that border Guate. I grew up with the azul cielo, but like many of great photos have shown, the beautiful color of the Guatemalan sky is ever changing.

    • Okay NYChapin, let it be azul cielo for you. 😉