Guatemala’s Independence Bunting

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Guatemala's Independence Bunting

As I have shared with you before, during September Guatemalans celebrate its Independence Day on the 15th and for the entire month, thus you can find Independence celebrations and decorations everywhere in Guatemala. Independence bunting is often found in doorways, windows, balconies, etc. The Palacio de los Capitanes in the Main Plaza is a popular spot for placing Guatemalan flags in the hand rails of the second floor.

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  • El Canche

    That bunting does not seem to use the now famous “cielo azul” blue? In the UK we have some famous blues: Oxford blue (like in the bunting) and Cambridge blue, which is more like “cielo azul”. There is a lot of rivalry between them, as you might imagine. Being a Cambridge man, come the 15th (and by proxy, since my wife is the true celebrant), I will mark Guatemala’s independence by wearing “cielo azul”, while we wait to see the outcome of the discussion regarding the true blue of Guatemala!

  • NYChapin

    Good eye Canche and thanks for your support of the “azul cielo”. We can clearly see the difference in shade between the bunting and the flag on top of the Palacio. Allow me to share a recent shot taken at a Chapin barber shop located in Brooklyn NY. The shade of blue of the bandera appears to be ” cielo azul.” The shop is located in a neighborhood that may be home to close to 10,000 paisanos ( I wrote a paper about them for a grad school and hope to learn documentary filmmaking to continue to work with the community). Are there any chapin hoods in London? Where do you get your tortillas pues?

    • El Canche

      Hi NYChapin,
      “Azul Cielo it is…unless Rudy comes back with a protest! But with Brooklyn in our camp; no hay para donde! Shame there is no Guate Hood I know of over here (we live in Kent), but there must be more community in London. We’ve only had an embassy for about 12 years. We were invited to the opening when Cerezo was ambassador. That was a pachanga! His Consul registered my son’s birth there for his passport and my boy was Registro No 1; so not too many chapines then! Loyal Latin friends from Guate to Colombia keep us in tortillas and there is the Latin Quarter in Seven Sisters in Londres, pues!

  • El Canche

    With all the discussion of the colours, I forgot to say what a brilliantly sharp picture this is; wonderful composition, sharp, sharp colours and a beautiful breadth of angle…we’re lucky to have Rudy in charge of this show!