Student Band Practice for Guatemala’s Independence Celebrations

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Independence and Parade Days Coming Up...

Most Guatemalan grow up hearing “El Grito” and even dancing the “son” in school events. If there were an unofficial anthem for Guatemala, that would be “El Grito.”

Here’s a rock version of “El Grito” by Sobrevivencia, Guatemalan Mayan rock band. Enjoy!

Of course, “El Grito” is among the most popular songs performed by student bands as part of the celebrations of Guatemala’s Independence. Hopefully I will be able to catch some of these performances this up coming weekend.

Here’s a question for the Guatemalans living abroad, when was the last time you heard El Grito and what kind thoughts crossed your mind?

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  • Luis


    If by El Grito you are referring to the song composed by Jose Ernesto Monzón (lyrics) and Everardo De León I don’t think the school band is even close to a decent interpretation to the song. The drums don’t even let us hear the xylophone or the instruments that sound like “chirimia”.

    The last time I heard El Grito was about seven weeks ago when I knew that my annual August trip to La Antigua Guatemala was not going to happen. To try to ease my sadness I played one of my favorite guatemalan records, “Alicia Azurdia y El Trio Centroamericano”. One of the songs is El Grito. The song always makes me nostalgic and makes me wish I would already be retired in my precious LAG.

    Yo soy puro guatemalteco
    Y me gusta bailar el son,
    Con las notas de la marimba
    También baila my corazón.

    Cuando bailo con mi María
    hasta un grito me sale así…

    • Thanks for the information about Alicia Azurdia y El Trio Centroamericano. i will try to get the song so I can share it here before September is over. 😉