It’s Lunch Time At The Atrium of Compañía de Jesús Building

Rudy Giron: &emdash; It's Lunch Time At The Atrium of Compañía de Jesús Building

The atrium of the former Compañía de Jesús building is a favourite spot to have lunch during sunny days as well as during rainy days. Here we can appreciate the immensity of this building façade when compare the Maya women having lunch under the arch to shelter themselves from the light rains. ¡Buen provecho pues!

© 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • El Canche


  • El Canche

    This picture really did it for me…as I scrolled down to view it, I was impressed by this severe building; an almost monotone relic of a past era; and then at the base of the photo, a burst of living colour; people like hummingbirds drinking the nectar of Spanish Colonial grandeur! Do you think they know that, combined with this phenomenal architectural history, they produce daily, one of the most privileged and beautiful locations in the world?

    • As always canche, you give very good and thorough feedback. Gracias.

  • Janna Rudler

    Only when I scrolled down and saw the people did I realize how massive that door is! I love the remains of the intricate designs on and around the columns. But my eyes are consistently drawn back to the women. The architecture and colors in LAG are so stunning, but it’s the people and their unspoken stories that cause me to think and wonder.

    • Thanks Janna for your awesome feedback.