The Lonely Mini Fair at Alameda El Calvario

Rudy Giron: &emdash; The Lonely Mini Fair at Alameda El Calvario

I noticed this many fair at Alameda El Calvario last week. I say mini fair because there only three mechanical games and two churro and papalina vendors and one pizza booth. What I noticed though how deserted the fair was and I have not seen anyone there at all. I don’t know if because I go by this place late at night (that’s around 8pm for Guatemala) or simply because nobody goes there. Why do you think these little fair is empty?

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  • NYChapin

    The fair is for the Ghosts of Antigua… Can’t you see them going round and round having a great time?
    I do. They are all pleasantly smiling…

    • Luis

      NYChapin has done a great observation. I wonder if Rudy will send him a postcard for providing the best answer.

      • Oh Luis, you are right, I should NYChapin a post card. Let me asking for his mailing address. 😉

    • Actually, I am glad I didn’t see the ghosts while taking the photos.

      • NYChapin

        Mi abuela used to say: don’t be scare of ghosts, be scare of the living. Gracias Luis for your support and yes, send me that postcard Rudy, it’s been a while since I won one. Honestly Rudy, I can hear the creepy music and see them smile. And there is someone hiding in the dark shadows underneath the wooden platform.