German Sausages and Hot Dogs in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; German Sausages and Hot Dogs from Wurst Eck in Antigua Guatemala

This bratwurst mit sauerkraut, German sausage, can be had at Wurst Eck, about half block north of the Tanque de La Unión public washbasins. Wurst Eck is also the spot to have the best high-end and tasty hot dogs in Antigua Guatemala. Anyone who knows German, please, translate Wurst Eck.

This bratwurst reminded me of the entry The Germans in Guatemala, which, by the way, generated an avalanche of comments. Here’s a sample by rworange to entice you to go read the post:

As you know, I got interested in the German influence through the German food that appears on menus and in stores … schnitzel is almost as ubiquitous as chow mein, showing up at restaurants that have not one other thing to do with German food, like Gaia or La Escudilla,

There are the the nearby influences such as Austrian Swiss, etc that show up at such diverse places as La Antigua Vineria which has geschnetzeltes and goulash (another common dish), Chez Christophe has Swiss bread and its Monday night Swiss rachellete (excellent), Todo Baru with its Dutch croquettes, Weiner with its kaiserschmarm (Austrian pancakes).

I’m guessing the Germans have something to do with zeppelins and all those whipped cream cakes.

Of course, the Germans started up the coffee plantations to wash it all down.

Then there are lots of German restaurants such as Jardín Bavaria which has its roast suckling pig Saturdays.

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  • El Canche

    Hi Rudy,

    Interesting post on the “Germans in Guatemala!” In 1981, I lived in the Encinal (Mixco/Guate) and needed a full time housekeeper and cook. I hired a woman who was half German and half Indigenous from Peten. She spoke German and her native Spanish of course and also spoke some French and English to intermediate levels. Her most remarkable talent was for cooking and she was by far the best gourmet cook I have come across in domestic service. This skill was picked up in Washington DC, where she worked as a cook for the Guatemalan Ambassador there. I also knew the owners of Delica in Guate, who made the best German products in the country….I was a frequent client! No I’m not surprised to hear your reports of excellence in German cuisine in Antigua!

  • Guy Howard

    Back in the 80s Welten was the go-to place for these guys. They have mostly expired now. German influence still very strong in Guatemala. If you want to belong to the upper classes in Guatemala it’s handy to have at least one German surname. I’ve often thought a lot of them sounded made-up.

    • begonia

      AWESOME MAP! I couldn’t read the fine print. When was it made and by whom? The swastikas are a nice touch. My husband is definitely not upper class, and looks like a typical Guatemalan, but he is inordinately proud of his German maternal last name, so much that he prefers to use it, rather than his Spanish paternal name. As you can imagine, his father isn’t too happy about that.

      I am super curious about the German great grandfather who appears in his mom’s old photos. It looks like he married an indigenous woman from San Marcos, and it would appear that he – – or his son – – weren’t particularly successful, since my my husband’s mom went to the Capital at a young age to work as a “domestic”.

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