Things to do while it rains

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Things to do while it rains

Here’s what I see with these group of Maya women:

  • Have lunch
  • Continue weaving
  • Gossip a little
  • Tell jokes
  • Make some calls

What about you, what do you do while it rains?

© 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • El Canche

    Today if it rains, I will reflect on the benefit of making life worthwhile through the simple pleasures and ordinary activities these women show; just chat to someone, sit with them or do something profitable with someone…I can’t weave though!

  • NYChapin

    I like the chucho seeking shelter. I don’t do much when it rains, but I am often overwhelmed by a sensation that all things dear to my heart, from which I have been separated either by time or distance, are as close to me as getting up and walking in the rain.There is a reassuring feeling that I will meet them on the other side, bathed in sunlight, the sounds of a few lazy last drops on a rooftop and the aroma of the earth.

    • Wow NYChapin, that was poetic!

      • NYChapin

        Gracias my friend. I can say that it was all inspired by the light and colors of your artistic shots. I am sure you know Luis Argueta, director of El Sueno de Neto shot in La Antigua. There is a scene in the movie where he captured the light in such a magical way, you do the same.

        • Scott

          Interesting! We met Luis at the Latin Film Festival at AFI, in the Washington DC area. Great guy. (I believe the actual title is El Silencio de Neto.)

          • NYChapin

            Hi Scott, thanks for the correction. Yes, Luis is a very nice guy. He lives in NYC and I had the pleasure of meeting him as well. I am not sure if Rudy has done any postings on two of his most recent movies: AbUSed: the Potsville Raid and The U-turn. Was he presenting a film at AFI?

          • Hi Scott and NYChapin, I have plan to do some posts on his most recent films which I have with me, but I have not been able to watch just yet. Also, if the stars align, I will a Luis Argueta profiled in a few weeks since I might be able to do his portrait. It all depends if his arrival and my departure coincide. Let’s cross our fingers.

            El 3/10/2013, a las 07:33, “Disqus” escribió:

          • I might have the opportunity to make some portrait shots of Luis Argueta soon. Stay tuned!
            El 1/10/2013, a las 07:02, “Disqus” escribió:

  • Eric

    Pues, 1) Find a good coffee house (muy facil, en La Antigua), and 2) Talk with the lovely indigenas. Hay algo mejor para hacer ? Ja-ja-ja-ja

  • Jeannine

    I wanted to particularly thank you for todays photo because you really warmed my heart with it !!! Why you ask ? Well, the lovely mayan woman with the white blouse looking directly at you in the camera has become a friend of mine over the years and each time I come to Anitgua and spend hours sitting in Parque Central, she’s always among the many people who come sit next to me and talk to me ( … and for that matter I always get really mad with the tourist police when they don’t allow the mayan women to sit on the benches !!! For starters the park is for everyone, without them the tourist wouldn’t even be there in the first place and I tell them they don”t sell me things, but they’re my friends and we’re talking so they have every right to sit there !!)

    I was in Antigua back in April/May and when I came back home I thought there’s no way I can wait an entire year before going back to my beloved Antigua, so on my November vacation, I’m cutting short Mexico to spend a week in Antigua first. So seeing some of my friends in todays photo really REALLY made me so very happy and you can’t imagine how much I look forward to coming back in a few weeks. I’m sure you also know Lilly, the wonderful woman on the corner of the park selling the newspapers every day, right ? Over the years I’ve met so many wonderful people there in Antigua and it truly feels like home. There’s Tattoo, the nice guy with the harmonica always sitting in front of the same restaurant in the street every year making music. Or last time at the artisans market I met this wonderful old mayan lady who was 97 years old and she looked like such a happy person. We took some photos and I told here every time I come to Antigua, I’ll bring her something from Germany now and I hope we can celebrate her 100th birthday !! Or some kids I took picutres of four years ago and that I meet every year again and see how they grow up acutally… There are so so many people I’ve truly grown to love over the years and the minute I come back to Antigua I’m home !!! It’s really like a small little village, because you always run into the same people year after year after year…

    • NYChapin

      Oh what a wonderful story Jeaninne !

    • Thanks so much Jeannine for sharing such a wonderful experience with us. We really appreciate it.
      El 28/09/2013, a las 23:37, Disqus escribió: