Independence Decorations at Palacio Municipal of Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Palacio Municipal de Antigua Guatemala

As I mentioned earlier, Independence is celebrated through the entire month of September in Guatemala. These are the last few days when we will be able to see flags as part of decoration of government and private buildings. It’s time to move on to October and Día de la Raza, Día de la Revolución and the giant kites, which bring us closer to Día de los Muertos and the end of the rain season. Stay tuned!

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  • El Canche

    Rudy, your post of the 11th of September showed this bunting with a dark blue, prompting a series of responses about “azul cielo” and the true colour of the Guatemalan flag….loks like it was a trick of the camera all along, unless they changed the bunting!

    • Hi Canche, actually, on September 11, it was Palacio de los Capitanes, the yellowish building on the south part of the park which had dark blue flags. Today’s photo is the Municipal building, located on the north side of the park, which has azul cielo flags. You can compare the buildings to realise that they are not the same, nor the shade of blue of the flags.

      • El Canche

        Of course you are right…I just looked (and spoke) too quickly. Yes, the Muni building is not near as vibrant as the Palacio de los Capitanes….maybe they thought to cover their options regarding the true colour of the Guatemalan flag by offering us both versions on opposite sides of the Plaza!