Antique Coffee Mill

Rudy Giron: Instagrams &emdash; Antique Coffee Mill

Here’s another antique decoration piece found at Tretto Caffè. Is this a coffee mill or grinder? Which one is the better term if both of them are correct?

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  • El Canche

    Hi Rudy, I believe the coffee mill is an older term that might match this piece of antiquity, while coffee grinder has connotations of something electro-mechanical….though I have to admit to never having drunk coffee in my life, so maybe my take on it is linguistic rather than from experience! Both terms are good.

    • I am sorry to hear that Canche… I never knew of anyone who hadn’t drunk coffee before. I believe you are the first one. Thanks so much for the linguistic clarification.

  • J. Thomas

    A coffee mill and a coffee grinder are the same thing, just two diffeent ways of defining them. The mill pictured looks like it was made in Europe like maybe Italy, Germany or Holland. I am a collector and have owned or have seen serveral like the one pictured. Mills like this one are still being manufactured so dating it is very difficult without actually looking at it. Unfortunately there are not many antique coffee mills in Guatemala so we have brought our from the USA. Hope this helps. JCT of Antigua.

    • Thanks J. Thomas for the clarification and for the feedback.

  • Scott

    Very nice. You can still buy hand grinders to this day, but they don’t look as cool.

    On a related note–yesterday I was drinking coffee I roasted from Finca La Carmona, and today from a finca in Huehuetenango. Life is good!

    Keep it up, Rudy. We hope to see you soon.


    • Oh you are so lucky to have access to the great coffees from Guatemala. Now you only need champurradas. 😉
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