Guatemala’s Children’s Day, A Day to Reflect

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Día del Niño en Guatemala

I believe that Guatemala’s Children’s Day, Día del Niño in Spanish, is a great opportunity to reflect on the needs of children and to judge if those needs are being met. In my opinion, there is still plenty to improve the conditions where the children of Guatemala are growing up. But, I would like to hear your thoughts about it. Let’s begin a dialogue about it!

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  • Name

    Decent housing, good health, free public education for all. Every child is precious.

    • Thanks, that is a very good start. Once again, thank you so much for your feedback.
      El 1/10/2013, a las 19:52, “Disqus” escribió:

  • Eric

    Pues, Rudy, I do think we have a long way to go, as far as improving the opportunities for children in Guate, and bettering the conditions of their lives. Sure, every country (even the great and powerful eeuu) has difficulties providing for their poorest citizens, but Guate….well, I don’t know. The more I learn about Guatemala, the less I understand. At first glance, it appears that whatever benefits children receive depend on their proximity to the capital, but perhaps I am looking at guatemalan life through my ‘gringo lenses’ again. All I can do is respond as best I can, when I get those “Querido Padrino” letters. Sometimes I think it’s better to remain here, so as to provide opportunities (and, occasionally, emergency funds) for my ever-expanding family. Sometimes, I think I should take you up on your offer to help me settle down in the land of eternal spring. What do you think…is there room for one more out there in guatelinda…? 🙂

    • Eric

      Maybe I should clarify, Rudy…not so much an “offer to help me settle down”, as a phrase like “You can buy a very nice house here in guatelinda…you should think about it.” With a website like this, Rudy, you are definitely the best public relations director for guatelinda anywhere.