Sheltering from the Rain at the Muni

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Sheltering from the Rain at the Muni

What to do while it rains? Here are some of the suggestions by our loyal readers.

NYChapin: I don’t do much when it rains, but I am often overwhelmed by a sensation that all things dear to my heart, from which I have been separated either by time or distance, are as close to me as getting up and walking in the rain.There is a reassuring feeling that I will meet them on the other side, bathed in sunlight, the sounds of a few lazy last drops on a rooftop and the aroma of the earth.

Eric: 1) Find a good coffee house (muy facil, en La Antigua), and 2) Talk with the lovely indigenas.

El Canche: To reflect on the benefit of making life worthwhile through the simple pleasures and ordinary activities… to chat to someone.

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  • NYChapin

    Oh wow Rudy, thanks for including my contribution.

    A couple of years ago I got caught in a strong rainstorm driving from Antigua to Lake Atitlan. We were on the coast highway and needed to pull over because we could not see the road anymore. It was a dream come true. I had picture the moment in my head many times and now it was happening while enjoying the company of my loving brother and girlfriend. The Aterciopelado’s song “Pipa de la Paz” was playing on the radio. Maybe you can include it ?

    • I will include the song as soon as I find to be embeddable. Stay tuned!

  • Eric

    Guuuaaauuuu ! Gracias, Rudy, for including me in such an exclusive club. I do miss getting stuck in the rain in La Antigua, but…you know what ? It looks like I may finally (FINALLY!) have a chance to see Guatelinda during the dry season. As you say, “Stay tuned…..”

    • Cool, I will stay tuned, but to what or where? 😉

      • Eric

        Stay tuned to this channel, or to your e-mail, ha-ha-ha. I am planning a trip for early January, to my beloved guatelinda. Provided that I can escape from la tierra de locura, pues. Too long without a Moza or three is NOT a good thing, ha-ha-ha!