Flowers of Guatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Flowers of Guatemala

Perhaps this is why Guatemala’s slogan is “El País de la Eterna Primavera” or “The country of the Eternal Spring” for those of you who can’t read Spanish. As I mentioned yesterday, in Antigua Guatemala, flowers blossom all year round. Perhaps the reason we have flowers all year long is our temperate weather, rich volcanic soils and constant humidity. I mean, we are less than a month of way from the commencement of the Winter season, and we have plenty of sunshine and temperature rarely drop below 7°C/45°F. Another benefit, is, of course, how inexpensive flowers are in Guatemala. For instance, this was flower arrangement was photographed at a time of a comedor (diner) and each table had a similar, but different flower arrangement.

By the way, the reason, I am sharing these colourful flowers is because I know many of you live in places where the cold weather has already arrived and flowers are not a common sight. Enjoy!

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  • NYChapin

    Incredible colors Rudy !
    Well, I would like to share a great tip with all ADP readers. If you have a smart TV with web browsing, find Rudy Giron Flickr page and play the slide show. I tried it this weekend and it provided for great conversation (specially about the food !) and not to mention the opportunity to brag about Guate.

    I plan to do the same this coming Thanksgiving day.

    Je je

  • Patty Shayler

    Hola Rudy… aqui en Inglaterra ya esta todo congelado… y las flores nunca son como en Guate… y cuestan como Q50 un ramillete.. por lo que si, se extranian y se aprecia el gesto. Feliz dia y saludos desde Somerset 🙂

    • Saludos Patty y espero que el invierno en Somerset no sea tan duro este año.