New Year Means New Visits to RENAP

Rudy Giron: &emdash; New Year Means New Visits to RENAP

Do you know why Guatemalan have to visit the RENAP at the beginning of the year?

If you don’t know what RENAP stands for, I suggest you visit the past entries: RENAP Is Retiring Guatemala’s Old ID Cards and Guatemala’s RENAP DPI Station to get up to date.

We continue our #RealGuatemala series with a visit to the RENAP office in Ciudad Vieja where people line up to get new birth certificates for their children and DPI cards, the Guatemalan National Identification card, as these are requirements to enroll children in schools.

By the way, you did know that the Guatemalan school years begins in January and ends in October, right? if not I suggest you read on the following entries:

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  • ElGüito

    Uff, al cielo gracias saqué esa onda hace muchos meses. Although the procedure to obtain el bendito DPI has improved, a lot can be done on the way each regional office operates. The one in La Antigua, on the external wall was plastered with pieces of paper and obsolete information, or impossible to read at the height they are put. The only point of information is the door guard, hired from some security agency and not a trained Renap employee, depending on his mood, he may help or may not. People, with babies, are forced to stand outside, for hours with no clear information if they will be able to complete their transactions until they manage to get in. I heard the sites in The City are better organized but the Regional offices are a real mess.

  • ElGüito

    FYI to everyone. MinEduc, Ministerio de Educación, clarified that there is no immediate requirement for a student (under 18 years old) returning to school in 2014 to have the DPI. Apparently the rumor started in small communities and spread, it is a rumor, first check with the School.

    • Thanks ElGüito for the additional information. I didn’t know they wanted kids to have a DPI car as well.