First Day of the School-year in Guatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; First Day of Classes in Guatemala

As I have mentioned before, Guatemala’s school year begins in January and end in October. Another interesting fact about Guatemala’s educational system is the fact that after 12 years of schooling, 14 if you include pre-school, graduates receive a vocational or junior career diploma such as primary school teacher, junior accountant, et cetera.

What other junior career diplomas are given after 12 years of education?

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  • Begonia

    Other vocational diplomas in Guatemala (I think we would call them “majors” or “diplomas”, not “careers” in the U.S):–nurses aide
    –bilingual secretary (this always seemed silly to me)
    –health promoter (I think?)

    • Thanks Begonia for expanding on the majors and diplomas found in Guatemala.

  • NYChapin

    I graduated from Vocational HS here in NYC ( Park West)
    There were no career diplomas given, only HS diplomas, but the school offered training in Culinary Arts that prepared students to graduate with a city food handler certificate and enter the NY restaurant industry. Maritime training for those who wanted to work on commercial boats and the most popular and competitive, the escalator and elevator mechanics program. A union and well paid career. I was part of the aviation program that gave intro flying lessons and prep for the written pilots exam. I completed 10 hours of flight time at a local airport and walked around the school thinking I was Tom Cruise in Top Gun ! ( it was in the 80’S)

    • I can really see you as Top Gun with your leather aviator jacket and Ray-Ban glasses.