Street Photography Workshops in La Antigua

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Maize Mill Attendant

If you have follow my daily posts in AntiguaDailyPhoto for a few months or a few years, one thing would very obvious right away, I love doing street photography and capturing candid images from the streets of Antigua Guatemala. In the almost eight years I have been publishing daily photographs here, I have amassed a sizable collection of split-second authentic, true slices of life. Here are my three favorites: Monk in San Francisco El Grande Church, The Capture vs The Pose, and Street photography or voyeurism? What about you, do you have any favorites?

When a subject poses to have his or her photograph taken, the subject tries to project a message about himself or herself by how he or she “poses”, by the attitude of his or her body language or facial expression.

Portrait and posed photos are contrived declares Chris Weeks in his book Street Photography for the Purist. As much as possible I aim to capture authentic and true slices of life.

Street Photography takes direct aim at this “falseness” by taking the camera into the streets to record “true” documentary moments in life. The subjects are usually unaware as they go about their lives, having no time to strike a pose to enhance or send a particular message about those lives.

Next Saturday I will sharing everything I know about street photography along another colleague at Café Flor, 4a avenida sur No. 1, Antigua Guatemala from 9:30am to 2pm. If you’re in town or will be, this is your opportunity to freshen up photography skills and learn new trick to approach the streets and capture the images you see there. Check out the promotional banner below.

Street Photography Workshops in Antigua Guatemala

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  • Begonia

    I do love the “purist” style of street photography, and some of your “street” images are my favorite ones.

    But the distinction of what is “pure” street photography and what is “posed” kind of bugs me.–I am a huge a fan of “posed” street photography like the kind done by guy who runs the website Humans of New York. All his portraits are solidly authentic to me, even though his subjects have had time to compose themselves for the camera. I am not sure how he does it–I mean, capture the essence of a person, even when they are clearly projecting the way the want to be seen. Maybe because he is engaging them in a conversation while he’s taking their picture, they are caught off guard for a bit? I don’t know, but his collection of photos is incredibly compelling–and addictive!

    • Thanks Begonia for sharing the Humans of New York. I am an instant follower already.