Antique Portrait of a Young Man from 1884

Antique Portrait of a Young Man from 1884

Another thing I have noticed while scanning the lot of antique photographs I told you about last week is that most of the portraits are of men. Also, it seems that it was very fashionable to give these portraits to friends and people you admired.

Today’s picture was taken by E.J. Kildare & Cia at Palacio de Artes around April of 1884. Now I wonder who was this Hilario Gutierrez who received so many of these portraits, who can help with additional information?

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  • Frosty

    I collect old photographs from Tulare County, California. E.J. Kildare (Edward James Kidare) had a photography business there around 1875.
    He apparently died in Guatemala around 1901. His wife, Clara, was killed by a collapsing wall during the 1902 Guatemalan earthquake. They were survived by two children.
    Have you happened to run across any photos of the Kildares?

    • Thanks so much for the feedback Frosty. I have not found any photos of EJ Kildare, but I am sure they might have them at CIRMA. I have a couple pictures taken by E.J. Kildare, but none of them.