Guatemalan Cuisine: Pollo en Amarillo

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Guatemalan Pollo en Amarillo

What we call in Guatemala, recardos, stews based on sauces, are really just Mayan curries, although some people do not like the comparison, that’s what recados are. Here are some of the Mayan curries you can find in Guatemala: pepián, subanik, pulique, hilachas, jocón, kak’ik, amarillo, gallo en chicha, tiras de panza, pollo en crema, pollo a la cerveza, carne guisada, revolcado, patín, etc., what other recados are missing from this list?

This Guatemalan stew takes its name from its yellow-orangy color. Amarillo is the Spanish word for yellow; those living in Texas probably know this. Once again you see the patter, a stew based on tomato sauce and other vegetable from the milpa. This amarillo stew had green beans, carrots, bell peppers slices, potatoes and a piece of chicken breast.

Anyway, henceforward we declare Guatemala as the Ultimate Stew Country!

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  • NYChapin

    Well, sign me up under the list of people who do not like the comparison.
    The use of the word curry appears to be limited to the cuisine of different regions in Asia and it’s influence in the new world ( See Wiki).
    The Maya have a great culinary history and I’m sure that we can find a Maya word for “recado.”

    See your post on Kak’ik.

    Salud !

    • Okay NYChapin, what Mayan word do you suggest?

  • Cool NYChapin, K’ool sounds good too.