Drinking 1-liter Gallo beer bottles on the streets of Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: AntiguaDailyPhoto.com &emdash; Gallo Makes Me Happy

Okay, it’s your turn to caption this photograph. What are your thoughts?

© 2014, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • El Canche

    An old caption some in Guatemala may remember if they go back to the 1980’s….”La SUPER-RUBIA!….con cara de Cabro y cuerpo de botella!”
    I like a beer like anyone else, but I really disapprove of drinking in the streets, as it is enormously disrespectful towards the people and the place; giving the impression that you have the right to use public space in anyway you want, regardless of local culture or the feelings of others. We English are past-masters at going to foreign countries and behaving even worse (if that’s possible) than we would at home. The phrase the “Ugly American” is also born out of insensitive behaviour abroad. Now these may be lovely people just having a good time, but they need to reflect about how they celebrate…”pour encourager les autres”.

    • Eric

      Wow, El Canche has spared me from writing another sermon about the “ugly American on vacation”. Gracias, ‘mano. I would love to caption this, Rudy, but even being close to scenes like this, I try to avoid. I’m sure they’re good kids, but…this is not my style. And maybe because this is not my style, I have a long list of friends in the land of the eternal spring….?

  • Luis

    I don’t drink beer or any liquor so I never noticed that Gallo has a one liter bottle. I recall that the only one liter bottle I ever saw was the Cabro beer. When did Gallo started to produce one liters. Is Cabro beer gone?

    I think these young people are just trying to fit in. If on the weekends you go to the street where the Mono Loco is located you can see dozens of Guatemalan youngsters outside on the street just having a good time. So maybe our fellow american are just trying to fit in. Notice that they have opened only one bottle and maybe the bottle was opened just for the photo. Maybe they just wanted to posed more realistically for Rudy and had no intention of drinking on the street at all.

  • Gini

    What I Wish I Was Doing

    • Well Gini, come on way down south, way down south, way down to Antigua Guatemala way, Way down where you can be free… Ain’t no one gonna mess with you here… http://youtu.be/4VxMDwYfxvQ

  • Gato Pardo

    Buy two and get three…..There’s nothing like Gallo liter.

    • Hahaha, a lot people get a kick out of the 1-liter beer bottles for sure.