Parroquia de San José of Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Parish of Antigua Guatemala

This is the façade of the humble parish of Antigua Guatemala, parroquia in Spanish. You have probably seen it while walking around Parque Central, that’s the main square in case you just arrived.

Some trivia information you should know about this temple. It was made into a cathedral in 1743. It was at this event that coffee was officially drank in Guatemala. It lost it’s title of Cathedral of Santiago de Guatemala when the city was move the the NEW Guatemala. In fact, the cathedral in zona 1, historic center still bears the name of Cathedral of Santiago de Guatemala. Most of the edifice is a crumble state, except for the front part right behind the façade.

More posts about the Parroquia de San José on the archives. Follow the white rabbit!

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  • Luis

    Good trivia Rudy, I guess you learned about it during the diplomate in history of Antigua Guatemala but people in La Antigua Guatemala are still calling it cathedral and everybody knows where it is located and only few might know where the Parroquia of San José is located. I know now because Antigua Daily Photo has taught me. Thanks.

    • Yes Luis, I told you guys I was going to share all the stuff that I learned there. This is part of that. There’s plenty more.