Portrait of the Colonial Crier

Rudy Giron: AntiguaDailyPhoto.com &emdash;

Here’s your Spanish word of the day: Pregonero

Basically, a pregonero is a crier. Here we see the leader of the pregoneros group from Antigua Guatemala with his full colonial attire. You might not know it, but I have share many pictures of this crier with you before. Do you remember any of them?

Today we also begin a 30-day countdown to eight years of daily updates from Antigua Guatemala. How should we celebrate?

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  • Eight years, oh my! How about revisiting some older posts, and seeing if they have changed since the picture was taken? Antigua is changing fast, so you might be surprised. Or, you could repost some favorite pictures of the last eight years.

    • Hi Manuela, you have given me some great ideas. Let’s see how many I can implement before May 1st.

  • Oakland Daily Photo

    OMG, Rudy. Eight years and ever faithful. It’s impressive and inspiring. I love your photos.

    • Thank you Oakland Daily Photo, as you know, we just do it one day at a time. THANK YOU for your constant visits.

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