Santa Rosa Ruins in Antigua Guatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Santa Rosa Ruins

When was the last time you visited the ruins of Santa Rosa? Do you know where in Antigua Guatemala can you find this church?

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  • Eric

    I forget where it is exactly, but I know I pass it frequently. I am always mesmerized by the beauty of the architecture in combination with the tremendous cracks down the front of the structure. Lots of philosophical thoughts, there. 🙂

    • I am not sure you walk through this part of town often since it is quite hidden and out of the way, Eric. Perhaps you are confusing with another ruin since they are similar.

      • Eric

        I consulted a map, and I have to disagree with ‘confusing with other ruins’. It appears I stumbled across Santa Rosa on one of my “What will I find if I start here, in front of La Merced, and just keep walking THAT way…?” walks. I take a lot of those when I visit, you know…how do you think I find the ladies selling elote asado, or atol de platano…? 😉

        • Well Eric, you have proven you do know where Santa Rosa is located. Good for you.

  • Patricia

    I love Santa Rosa! I lived in the apartments on the property right behind
    the ruins. I can’t remember the full name of the street this is taken from, just that it is an Alameda.